Bicycle Hat Pattern

•June 1, 2016 • Leave a Comment

A hat covering a bicycle helmet.

Introducing my new pattern – the Bicycle Hat!

The bicycle hat is designed to be stretchy enough to fit securely over a bicycle helmet and hide your helmet hair after you’re done!

Check it out on Ravelry: Bicycle Hat on Ravelry

Or buy now:Β <a href=”″>buy now</a>


Busy Busy Busy

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I’m working on lots of things that aren’t knitting right now.

I’m still working at my job, I’m trying to build the Etsy business, I start classes next week, and I’m training to be a opening person at Global Gifts. I am also working on the Fresh Design series project. Super secret, hush hush. πŸ˜‰

I’m hoping to pick back up some regular knitting once I have the super secret project out of the way, even if I don’t have very much time to do it. *fingers crossed*

Also, I added RSS feeds to the sidebar –> so that you can see what’s going on with the store, and come check us out of Etsy or the blog!


Fresh Designs!

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I just got an email that they picked my bag for the Fresh Designs: Bags. I’m super excited. Now I have to find yarn and finish the pattern. Sweet.

As for other news, the Avocado Fiber Arts store is up and running:

And, I’m getting ready to start grad school in the fall.

Whoa, I’m gonna be busy.

One More Day

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July 1st marks the Grand Opening Celebration of Avocado Fiber Arts on Etsy! Liz and I have been working lots lately trying to get everything ready and while it may be a bit hurried, it”s coming along nicely.

Personally, I’m going to have 5 sets of stitch markers and 3 skeins of yarn ready to sell on Wednesday. The stitch markers are adorable and the yarn is fluffy and yummy. πŸ˜‰ I really hope that some of you come on over and check it out Wednesday.

In a more personal knitting vein, I’ve finally fallen behind on my year long afghan. I’m still part way through May. However, I’ve been working on other things like the store and getting into grad school! I’m starting at IUPUI’s School of Information and Library Sciences in the fall working towards my MLS. I’m very excited about it. But, it also means that my knitting my continue to take a back seat for a while in the hopes that both my continued education and my business succeed.

So, please wish me luck in the coming months and years and please please check out my etsy store – Avocado Fiber Arts!

News and Knitting Talk

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Check out Avocado Fiber Arts, the blog for my new spinning and fiber arts endeavour with Liz and Becca. Our launch date is July 1st and we will have some fabulous things for sale, and specials during the first week in July.

Add that blog to your reading list to keep up with our store updates and fiber news. It will be fabulous. πŸ™‚

As for my own knitting, I’ve been working on the Tech Square Afghan a bit, but I’m behind. I still have a fair amount of May’s square to finish and it’s June 1st, ack! However, it’s looking good, and thus far I’m really pleased with the results.

I also recently started a market bag for Liz’s second son. It’s coming along nicely. Then I’m knitting him vegetables to fill the bag, to match her first kid’s, who has fruits. (If she ever has another, they might be getting things like bread, milk, and potato chips, lol.)

I’m also continuing to work on Giftmas 2010 slowly. There was talk about changing up gifts this year and doing a white elephant or something, but that may be on top of the other stuff, bc I’m part way done. Anyways, it’ll be fab.

Finally, I’m sorry there aren’t any pictures, but I have to find my camera and take some new ones for you and Ravelry.

Oh oh! I almost forgot. Next Saturday, Liz, Becca, and I are going to the Hoosier Hills Fiber Arts Festival. It’ll be my first and I hope to come home with all sorts of fibery goodness and photos.It’s going to be so much fun!

Until next time!

Goddess Sue

Afghan and Various Other Knits

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Sounds like a book, yes?

Anyways, the afghan is coming along. I’ve finished three squares and started the fourth. I’ve seamed the first three squares together and blocked them.

I am really quite happy with the afghan so far. πŸ™‚

I’ve also been working on knits for Giftmas. This means that I can’t share pictures til then, but I can tell you that I’ve finished Mecca, and am working on Meranda? (Meredith + Amanda…) Yeah…

Also, I have no idea what I’m doing for the Friller Family (Frost + Miller…) Yeah, maybe I should just drop the combined names. Clearly.

Afghan Issues

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So, I knit the second square of my 2010 afghan while I was in Vegas at the beginning of the month… and, despite knitting it on smaller needles, it ended up huge. So, after doing all the finishing(!), I pulled out all my seaming and woven in ends and frogged the yarn.

It’s now been waiting for about 2.5 weeks for me to restart it and I only have 4 days left in February. It’s going to require some fast and furious knitting. Hopefully some of that will be accomplished tonight at Liz’s.

I’ve also been working on a new knit notions bag of sorts. If it turns out well, you may see it posted here and on Ravelry, but no promises because I’ve re-knit the base 4 times now. But, it’s looking good. πŸ™‚

Anyways, wish me luck for my February afghan square, I sure could use it!