Yoshi Hat Pictures

Okay, here are some pictures of my hat and spike progress thus far. This first picture is me working on the first (failed) spike. It just didn’t turn out nearly like I was hoping. The spike is twisted and has an awkward top because of how I knitted it (I didn’t realize it would twist if I knitted the end two of each row together, apparently it was obvious to other people). However, the second one turned out fabulous.

You can’t quite see how bad the first spike is in this picture, but you’ll just have to trust me that it’s bad. The second spike (the one on the right) is much much much better. So much better that I really wanted to show it to someone last night and low and behold, no Knitters to show it to. I was very sad.

Here is the finished hat hat. It’s knit in US size 3 and I cast on 156 stitches. I used a variation of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s hat decreasing in Knitting Rules! for the decreases. I think it turned out super cute. My brother tried it on last night and now wants it in black. My first request! I’m touched… lol.

~ by goddesssue13 on October 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Yoshi Hat Pictures”

  1. Awesome!!! That looks great!

  2. where can i buy one :))

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