Finished Yoshi Hat (w/ Pattern)

I finished my hat!!! I’m so excited!!!

It turned out so well. The spikes are great, I love it.

Now, I figure I’ll write out my pattern? Sure, why not.


1 skein Red Heart Sport Acrylic in Limeade
Bits of Red Heart Super Saver in Ranch Red
1 Set US #3 DPNS

Gauge: 28 stitches/4 inchesFor Hat
Cast on 156 stitches.
Do 2×2 ribbing for approximately 1 inch.
Knit in st st for approximately the length of your hand.

(Pattern adapted from Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.)
R1: *K10, K2Tog* Repeat from *
R2: K
R3: *K9, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R4: K
R5: *K8, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R6: K
R7: *K7, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R8: *K6, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R9: K
R10: *K5, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R11: *K4, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R12: *K3, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R13: K
R14: *K2, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R15: *K1, K2Tog, Repeat from *
R16: *K2Tog, Repeat from *
Bind Off.

For Spikes
Pick up ten stitches between two “columns” of knitting. Knit red yarn onto these stitches. Then pick up ten stitches one “column” behind the stitches you’ve just picked up. Knit the red yarn onto these stitches as if you’re working in the round. For row 2, knit the tail end of the yarn with the active yarn for at least three stitches and continue working in the round. Knit a third row in the round. Beginning with the fourth row, K2Tog the last 2 stitches of every half row (the end of each needle). When you have 2 stitches left on each needle, graft the two together. Tie off the yarn and thread in the ends. Do three spikes.

Yay! That’s it. That’s my whole pattern. Um, let me know if you like it so much you want to do it? I’m glad to share, I’d just like to see pictures. 🙂


~ by goddesssue13 on October 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Finished Yoshi Hat (w/ Pattern)”

  1. Awesome hat, do you have a pattern for a yoshi egg?

    • No, I did it using short rows. They were more frequent on the bottom and less so on the top, but I’m sure that’s not helpful. :/

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