4 Various WIPs

I am a complete and utter ditz. And, I can’t pick a project and work on it.

Currently on my needles:

(1) Blue fingerless/thumbless gloves.
I really want to see them done, I really don’t seem to want to knit them.

(2) Cotton washcloth.
I’ve been knitting it because it’s easy, and I know I should be able to finish it soon. And, because I want to make a matching soap holder before Christmas so I can gift it to someone. Although, I don’t know who.

(3) Socks… lol.
I knit the first row of a pair of socks. I think it’s in k2p2, but I’m not sure and don’t know where I put the pattern. But, since it’s just McPhee’s basic sock pattern, I should be okay when I pick them back up.

(4) Market Bag.
I made up the pattern and got stuck on a row and then didn’t have it when I needed something to knit, hence casting on the washcloth.

I really think that’s everything that’s on my needles right now (that I know where it is or that it exists?). So, hopefully I’ll take some pictures sometime soon. *crosses fingers*

Oh, and I think I mentioned this… goddessSue13 on Ravelry!


~ by goddesssue13 on November 22, 2007.

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