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I Love the DivaCup

I know this blog is mostly about knitting but I thought that it would be a good place to share my Diva Cup story.

When I first thought back to how I heard about the Diva Cup, I thought I had simply come across it in either the Vagina Pagina or Menstrual Cups communities on LiveJournal. However, I was trying to remember which one came first and it was neither. I had overseen a post about a women using her menstrual blood to paint with and was curious enough to keep looking for more info.

I was intrigued by the idea of a reusable menstrual cup, and alternative to the mountains of pads and tampons that are used every year. This is multiplied even more so by the fact that menstrual cups can be used for about 10 years before they need to be replaced. I mean, if you used, say 10 pads per period, 12 periods per year, for ten years, one menstrual cup could save 1200 pads from going in the landfill. That’s a huge amount. And, whatever I could do to help, even if it’s just by myself, would be worth it.

When I first ordered the Diva Cup, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. I was a freshman college with extra income and a desire to do what I can to save the environment. I purposefully ordered the Diva Cup before I went home for the summer so I wouldn’t have to explain to my mother what it was or why on earth I would want one. And, my shyness about it didn’t end there. For probably the first year or so (the ideal time to be testing the Diva Cup, because of their warranty), I let it mostly sit in my drawer, unused. I tried putting it in a few times but it was always uncomfortable because of the stem.

Slowly, I tried using it more and more often, cutting the stem a little shorter each time. Then I cut the stem entirely off and sanded it down. I couldn’t have been happier. Finally, it was comfortable. After that, I began wearing it every period and if I didn’t have it when I started, I realized that it was a huge hassle to use disposable pads again. The Diva Cup actually made my period convenient, and while I wouldn’t consider it a blessing, it’s most certainly not a curse.

So, please, I encourage you to click on the image above and visit the Lunapads website to check out alternative menstrual products for yourself! 🙂


~ by goddesssue13 on November 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “Spread the Love”

  1. I think your 10 pads per period is extremely conservative. After all, average periods are about 5 days. That means only 2 pads a day. Most people I know would change more frequently than that. 🙂
    I haven’t tried the Diva Cup, but both dd and I use Lunapads and LOVE them. In fact, my teen dd wrote a review on my blog about them. She’ll never go back to disposables!

  2. I agree that 10 pads per day is conservative, but I only recently used them when I was on the pill and had a fairly light, 3 day period.

    And, congrats on you and your daughter using Lunapads! It’s fabulous to see mothers and daughters using reusable menstrual products together. 🙂

  3. I bought a diva cup about 5 months ago. I have extremly heavy periods due to endometriosis. There would always be one day a month that I would not leave my house because my flow was so heavy. Due to the fact that there are measurments on the cup you can keep track of how heavy your flow is. This has been very benefical when talking to my Dr about different medications and if they are helping or not. The diva cup has been a god send. I can actually continue my life while on my period. Thank you for trying to help get the word out.

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