New Look, New Location

I swear I will knit something soon. I’ve been fascinated with Ravelry lately – yes, still. Really I just love it to pattern search, although I’ve been having problems with the scarf pattern browser.

Anyways, knitting. The same things are still on my needles. No change. I don’t even think they’ve been knit on. It’s sad, but I’ve been working on other things.

Oh! But, while searching Ravelry, I came across the AntiCraft. I was perfectly enjoying myself when I came across a shrunken head bag. And, really, I must make it. Must must must. It will be fabulous and perfect. I will make a whole collection of them. They will stare at you when I walk by and it will be perfect.

 Um… anyways. It will be super fun. I’m kinda wanting to get yarn for it this weekend. And, by kind of, I mean OMG yes.

And, then maybe I’ll make some knitting progress. 🙂


~ by goddesssue13 on November 30, 2007.

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