Satchel (With the help of 30% off Yarn!)

So, I finally broke down and decided I wanted to knit the Satchel from Knitty, Summer 2005. I’ve been looking at messenger bag type patterns for a while and after reading a bunch of posts about this one and the Monk Travel Satchel, this one definitely was my favorite. So, of course this meant that I needed needles and of course, the yarn.

Kes and I went up to Knit Stop on Saturday to get me my supplies. As we’re looking around, we hear that everything, EVERYTHING! is 30% off. Brilliant. My 70$ worth of supplies was only 50$. It was beautiful. I got two sets of size 13 plastic needles by Crystal Palace. And, I got 6 skeins of Cascade 220 in a dark, foresty green colorway and another 2 skeins in a tan-ish colorway. Perfect for the satchel.

I cast on Sunday (long story short, I didn’t get the ball winder I was hoping for Sunday morning for my birthday) and have been working on it ever since. I’m about 4 or 5 rows into the body of the bag now and hopefully will get a great amount more done today at work.

 The size 13 needles are great and I’m loving the yarn. It’s knitting up fast enough that I’m not really bored with it and I’m super excited to see it all done. I’ve got progress pictures in my Flickr account and posted to Ravelry if you want to check them out.

~ by goddesssue13 on January 2, 2008.

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