Liz’s Knitting Couch

Kes and I went over to my friend Liz’s house last Saturday to hang out for a few hours and knit. We ended up staying there for about 10 hours, through about 6 inches of Satchel knitting, a plaid swatch, some pattern saving, and trying to felt. It was amazing fun. And, I got sooo much knitting done. The Satchel was about half-done by Sunday.

Also, Liz had the best idea ever to use a guitar strap as the strap on my satchel. So, of course, Kes and I stopped at the music store to look for one Sunday. It’s the rock on one. And, insanely long. And, I think it looks good (even though I’m looking for something a little more classically hippie). But, yeah.

Oh, so I meant to explain the title of the post. Liz’s couch is just magically inducing to lots of knitting. Hence the insane amount of knitting that was acheived. And, that’s how it earned it’s name.

~ by goddesssue13 on January 9, 2008.

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