Stupid Finger Bindoffs and Glove/Hat Set

So, I’ve having trouble getting my bindoffs on the half fingers to be loose enough. I undid the original bindoffs and redid them with a size 6 (the next larger size) needles. But, I still don’t think it’s loose enough.

Also, I’m waiting for Kes to email me back about the sizes of her fingers. I can’t knit anymore til then. Or, I can, cause I think I’m right, but I can also be very angry with myself if I’m wrong.

Also, I’m not shopping for yarn for my own gloves and hat until Kes’ is done. Or, maybe tomorrow, so I can knit in Muncie. (Or, I could just buy something in Muncie, but it probably wouldn’t be Cascade 220, which I know love.)

 Either way, let me share what I want to knit myself. First off, Cigar Gloves. And, as I’ve been knitting Kes’ the stripes have been growing on me. But, I may still leave them off in favor or black or charcoal gloves. Secondly, I want to knit a hat that’s an amalgomation of Hannah and Bloody Stupid Johnson. Which means, knitting the super cool banding (probably in two colored intarsia), and not grafting it closed, and probably including one more pattern repeat so that I can button it shut. Then knitting the top fairly plain. I think it’ll work. I think it’ll be great. I think I’m going to call it the Bloody Stupid Hannah.

~ by goddesssue13 on January 30, 2008.

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