One More Day

July 1st marks the Grand Opening Celebration of Avocado Fiber Arts on Etsy! Liz and I have been working lots lately trying to get everything ready and while it may be a bit hurried, it”s coming along nicely.

Personally, I’m going to have 5 sets of stitch markers and 3 skeins of yarn ready to sell on Wednesday. The stitch markers are adorable and the yarn is fluffy and yummy. 😉 I really hope that some of you come on over and check it out Wednesday.

In a more personal knitting vein, I’ve finally fallen behind on my year long afghan. I’m still part way through May. However, I’ve been working on other things like the store and getting into grad school! I’m starting at IUPUI’s School of Information and Library Sciences in the fall working towards my MLS. I’m very excited about it. But, it also means that my knitting my continue to take a back seat for a while in the hopes that both my continued education and my business succeed.

So, please wish me luck in the coming months and years and please please check out my etsy store – Avocado Fiber Arts!


~ by goddesssue13 on June 28, 2010.

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